Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Early Season

Woot Woot!  Early season Striper fishing is on in the Kennebec.  In the video below you can see fish rising around our boat .  Stripers are moving in all the time and anyone cruising up and down the Kennebec on a day without wind should easily be able to spot fish.  However, notice from the video that the birds are not on these fish yet.  No birds make it a little harder to spot the fish but the birds will figure it out soon.

What is the other big fishing  news for Boothbay? I'd say its the amount of Squid we have in the harbor.  People are catching good size squid all over the harbor usually under lights at night.  If you are visiting for a short while bring your squid jigs and head down to the Footbridge at night and get on them. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018


yep, I'm lame.  Not one update from the 2017 season?  Why?  Why was I so bad about updating this blog?

I've thought a bit about it and there are two reasons.  First, I hate trying to make this blog perfect.  Having other people have to edit is a pain in the beans.  From now I am gonna write first and edit later!  Seems like that approach is much more apropos for the times.   My second reason for not blogging last Summer was even less logical than the first.    I did not want to disturb the mojo of our fishing season by writing about it.  I was worried I'd jinx us.

Last season, the Striper fishing was excellent and was good from the beginning to the end.  Catching fish far into the double digits was the norm for every trip.  About 8-10% of all the fish caught were keepers until the tale end of the season.  A keeper is 28"+ FYI.  Most trips we would catch using a variety of methods from casting artificial to drifting bait along the bottom through current and over ledges. 

I am going to keep this short.  Maybe later I will add on to it. Maybe I won't.  In any case, I am really excited about the season coming up.  I've enjoyed quite a few guided trips myself in the past year both here in Maine and down in Florida and I know just how much fun a fishing experience can be.  Come on June, I'm ready now.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

August Update

So, the Striper Fishing is off in the Kennebec.  Its odd, in just a few days it seemed to dry up. It won't stay that way and that is the tricky part for a guy who keeps his boat in Boothbay.  At some point soon, I will need to and want to get back to the Kennebec River .  For now, we are still having good trips in Robinhood, Hockamock Bay, and the mouth of the Kennebec including the  beaches.   For the most part we are seeing fish 30" at best.   

The Mackerel situation in Boothbay is unchanged.  I can't help but think that our Bluefish drought is causing this Mackerel surplus.  In other words, because we have seen no Blues at all north of  Casco Bay. the Mackerel have been super easy to get day in and day out all season long.  In the next week we will at some point look past the Mackerel for our super top top secret top secret top secret Striper Bait.  

Pictured below you see a Client off of my friend and fellow guide George Harris's boat.  This codfish was caught just a few miles off the beach and measures 28" and guess what?  This guy got to keep this codfish because DMR has opened the season on them requiring a fish to be 24".  If it is a flat day I would be delighted to do some nearshore Codfishing with people.  Just saying.


Friday, July 22, 2016


     I feel like the Mackerel situation has got to change.  There are soooooo many in Boothbay.  Now there are gigantic Macs mixed in with the smaller ones.  Allegedly, there are also Pogies (Bunker or Menhaden) in Casco Bay.  It seems like that would create a clear food path for the swarm of Bluefish that must be somewhere south of here.  However, we have seen no signs of Blues in the Kennebec or points north.  If the Blues do not arrive it will be the third year  without Bluefish in the Kennebec.  In the years when the Blues make it we have seen some kind of sign of them by now.

    The Striper fishing continues to be stellar.  This entire week we have caught fish top water, casting under birds.  We have also enjoyed hooking up on many consecutive drifts on the bottom through rips  in the Kennebec with bait.  We have also found some spots to chum and chunk Mackeral in shallow water for Stripers.  Best action has been the morning.
     One thing that has changed since my last update is the water temperature.  As I head  the boat into the Kennebec River winding through upper hells gates, I always keep one eye on the water temp, and usually by the time I go under the Arrowsic bridge, the water temp has reached 71 degrees.  Generally, this means to find Stripers look for some cooler water.  Some guys will fish really deep in the Kennebec River and some guys will head closer to the mouth or the beaches of the Kennebec.  Or, some guys will look for water that mixes with Sheepscot River water which still is running 56 degrees.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fishing Situation


   An update is way over due.  And, you would think, with all the good fishing to talk about I'd have updated sooner.  But, then again, I am so slack when it comes to this internet thingamabob.  Kind of ironic considering my day job.
      Anyway, today, I actually walked across Boothbay Harbor on Mackerel!  I'm serious.  There are so many.  Last week several times, I chummed in the Macs from my dock and got the day's bait without untying the boat.  I have never had it so good!
       Even better than the bait situation is the Striper fishing right now. If you had a boat, but did not know the river, a good strategy might be to look for birds.  Its not uncommon this year to find busting Stripers in both expected and unexpected spots.  So far, the fish are on the smaller size.  We have caught only 2 28"fish and our smallest fish is about 9".  We have had terrific light tackle action.  To catch them we have been using diamond jigs, ronz, zipsters, poppers, and live and chunked Macs.  The Macs, by the way, are on the smaller size which is nice.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Regulations for Stripers and a New Season

Chuck participating in the Snap a Striper program with his keeper

Eric caught this keep on one of those tough days.  You can kind of see the brownish river.

Marshall and Peter slayed em.  This is the one they brought home.

The one thing I know for certain about the fishing in 2015 is that the rules have changed.  Now, to bring a Striper home you need to catch a fish 28" and over.  The pics here are of fish that have made it back to the dock in the last few days.

The Stripers have been pretty darn consistent in the Kennebec River. We have been catching them on live and chunked mackerel, live pollock, with jigs, and on top water artificials. We have caught some fish off Popham Beach and some larger fish have been landed out there.  However, the recent blow seems to have slowed that action.  It could change tomorrow.

As mentioned above, the Kennebec River has been good, however, there have been pulses of muddy water that follow big rains. The muddy water makes fishing in the river slower and if it is unfishable on the beach you can end up with a difficult day.

Right now conditions seem good.  The bite is real strong on the outgoing tide in the morning in the Kennebec and the Sasonoa.  I expect Popham Beach to turn back on any day now.  The bait situation is improving and filling livewells is taking less time.  Most of the fish caught in the river seem to be running between 25" and 30".  Overall, we are having an excellent year.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20

       Literally overnight the Striper fishing changed, much like it did when hurricane Arthur went through. Larger fish are finally being caught.  Periodically in the river and more reliably on the beaches, fish in the 30 to 40" range have shown in the just the past few days.  Also, fish seem to be setting up on many of the humps in the river providing a consistent bite.  As more larger fish get into the river expect all types of Striper fishing to turn on.
        The Macking has also improved substantially.  From Boothbay to the Black Rocks, bring some chum, and you should be able to load up on as many Macs as you like.  Today we found acres and acres of Mackerel in the Sheepscot River. 
        Offshore, good stuff is happening as well.  Giant Bluefin Tuna are showing up and being caught and ground fishing has remained steady.  
        If you are staying in Boothbay Harbor go get yourself some Squid.   Acquire some squid jigs and find a spot that has a light shining in the water you should be golden.   There are many around.  

Below is picture of  my son with a Striped Bass he caught today fishing with 3 ounces of weight on the bottom of the Kennebec River. The boy has not been shut out this year.